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VHP biodecontamination advantages

Do you need a biological de-contamination of your cleanrooms and equipment?

We can help you with the AMIRA VHP generators.

Risk assessment

We help you to evaluate both protocols and processes, to identify any critical issue, to define the proper cycle settings and to find the right position for the chemical and microbiological indicators.

High efficiency

The VHP technology used with our Bioreset® generators is based on the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the vapour state, which is particularly suitable for killing a broad spectrum of microorganisms and viruses. Thanks to the vapour phase of the sterilising agent we obtain a homogenous distribution in the room, even in the most difficult areas, with a reduction of the microbial load to 6 Log.

Fast & flexible

The bio-decontamination can be planned according to your production batches, your needs or your matter of urgency. The low operating temperature, the efficient agent and the cycle fast speed allow for a rapid return to the production process.

VHP superpowers

Its chemical-physical characteristics make it compatible with most materials (metals, plastics and elastomers) and electronic device components. Applications in special conditions or with uncommon materials can be evaluated by our team.

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